The Best Sources of Information for CSS Designers

CSS designers have to make sure they do things up to web authoring standards and doing so sometimes requires a visit to a reference site. Here are some that you can take a look at when you want to verify something, validate code or just get some ideas.


W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, is the place to go when you need authoritative answers. This is the site from which all other sites really draw their information and there are numerous resources here that you can use to answer your questions about designing for the web.

This is another place you'll want to check out when you have questions. There are great tutorials on this site and the information given is comprehensive and accurate. This is a must-have bookmark for real pros.

HTML Goodies

HTML Goodies have been around for a long time and they have great information on their site. Well-written articles and tutorials are available for you to learn from at this address.


HTML Dog is sometimes a designer's best friend. This site has all levels of CSS tutorials and information for you to choose from. It's also well organized and easy to search for any information you might need.

Web Reference

This is a good site to check out when you need information. It's got a very high density of relevant information for web designers and it goes beyond CSS. This is a good one for your bookmarks folder, as well.

These sites are packed with free information that can help you learn to master the art of CSS3 or, if you need to, to design for older browsers, as well. These sites make it possible for anyone to learn this important design tool without paying any fees to do it.