The Best Free Social Media Icons

Social media icons are needed to make sure that a site is getting shared as much as it should. There are plenty of different icon sets out there. Here are a few of the best of them.

Web 2 Badges

This set offers a circular design that is attractive and eye-catching. The advantage is that these icons are easily recognized, so you don't have to worry about anyone not knowing what they are.

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

If you want to get a more DIY look for your site, these are a nice touch. They're surprisingly easy to identify; actually easier to identify than some of the regular icons.

Social Post Stamps

These are fun and good-looking options that have the contoured edges of postage stamps. They're easy to read and users shouldn't have any trouble deciphering them.

Function Free Social Media Icon Bonus Pack

These are very straightforward. They have some cool design aspects to them but they're most notable for the fact that they're very easy to read.

Heart My Website

These are heart-shaped, just as the name implies. They're fun for personal sites but probably a bit lighthearted for a professional site, unless it actually covers a subject matter where these shapes are appropriate.

HandyIcons 2

These are very basic, straightforward icons that come in four sizes, these have a hand-drawn look to them that makes them a bit different.

Social Media Mini Icon Pack

As the name implies, these are very small. They come for all the major social networking sites. These would work well for blogs that have a lot of screen space used up by content and that want to put icons up but don't want them to crowd out the page.

You can, of course, always get individual icons right from the site you're linking to!