Free Website Template Resources

Here are some places where you can get good website templates. Depending upon what you're running your site off of, however, not all of them will be suitable.


If you just want an HTML template to work with, you can check out They're near the top of the search engine rankings for a reason.

Other sites include, and

There are pages upon pages of templates to choose from at these sites, but you'll have to work with the HTML Code to use them.


If you're using the WordPress platform as a CMS, has plenty of templates you can use. They're easy to install and customize using the backend of this platform.


There are a lot of free Joomla templates out there, as well. has several, as does Remember to check the version number on these to ensure compatibility.


Users of this popular WYSIWYG editor can find a lot of templates to choose from at


Drupal is known for its active development community. You'll find plenty of templates—called themes on this CMS—at The community resources for this CMS are among the best available.


If you're using this platform, you can get free skins for it at You'll also find a selection at that you can choose from.

Make sure you double check the licensing on any skins, themes or templates that you download from these sites. While they do offer free products, some of them come with licensing restrictions such as leaving developer credit on the footer or other requirements. IN some cases, the free versions are light versions and you have to upgrade to a paid version to get a template with all of the features that you'd need for a professional project.